Pixspan Data reduces the data footprint of camera raw output, making the handing easier while preserving full fidelity:

  • Savings of about 40% to 50% on storage and transmission of ARRIRaw, including the new Alexa 65, and Canon Raw from the Canon c500
  • Saves time and money while media is being transferred to disk, tape, or hot folder
  • Facilitates direct upload of camera raw to the cloud
  • Makes downstream retention of full resolution content more manageable and economical

When applied to the on-set workflow of a 4K or 6K Camera Raw Format, Pixspan Data can substantially reduce the time and cost of storage and digital transmission. With Pixspan Data, downloads of Camera Raw to LTO tape are twice as fast using half the cartridges, digital transmissions are twice as fast, and Digital Intermediates can be stored at 60% savings.




High Resolution Camera Raw Data Workflow