Innovation in medical imaging is advancing rapidly. Medical CT Scanners, MRI Machines, and Biopsies Slide Scanners are now producing digital images at much higher resolutions and include many more “slices” per study. This is driving higher data storage and transmission requirements, in an environment of reducing healthcare costs. Also, these image sets are being accessed electronically, often from storage in the cloud. Pixspan Data provides Bit Exact Round Trip compression technology solutions to upload images to the cloud or transmit them point-to-point quicker and more economically.

Pixspan Data compression works on the medical industry’s DICOM format across all bit depths and color plane configurations (gray-scale and multiple color planes). Pixspan Data stores and restores images without any loss of data fidelity.

Medical Image Modalities that have been Tested by Pixspan Data include:

  • CR – Computed Radiography
  • CT – Computed Tomography
  • DX – Digital Radiography
  • MG – Mammography
  • MR – Magnetic Resonance
  • NM – Nuclear Medicine
  • OP – Ophthalmic Photography
  • OT – Other
  • RG – Radiographic imaging
  • SM – Slide Microscopy
  • US – Ultrasound
  • XA – X-Ray Angiography

Examples of Pixspan Data Compression Ratios (i.e. Source Image Size/Compressed Image Size) for various medical image types:

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