The Cloud is widely used in the Media and Entertainment Industry for distribution using Mezannine or even more highly lossy-compressed versions of films or TV shows. The Cloud, though, is not widely used for Master Image Workflows. These Workflows haven’t broken into the Cloud because of the size of the Master Images, which creates a bottleneck getting up to the Cloud, and is too costly to Store or Transmit in the Cloud. Pixspan Data breaks this barrier.

Cloud Workflow

Pixspan Data enables loading high-resolution images directly to the Cloud, storing them there, and returning them at high speed:

  • This allows you to take advantage of the cloud’s elastic storage model – Pay only for what you store, for as long as you store it
  • Reduce or eliminate upload or download charges
  • Scalable to petabytes as needed
  • Install Pixspan Data software on your premise
  • Images can be uploaded to cloud storage at over 200 Megabytes per second using a one gigabit circuit

With compressed Master images stored in the Cloud in Pixspan Data format, Pixspan Data enables real time transcoding from the Master Images as shown in the following diagram:

Cloud Workflow