The growth in satellite deployments has created an avalanche of data from space and is driving the need for faster transmission of data with more applications requiring increased fidelity.

Big Data and Cloud industries recognize a market gap in the satellite value chain, one they urgently need to act on. Satellite companies realize the data explosion is on the horizon and are seeking ways to transfer data faster and more easily. The number of satellites and the demand for increased image fidelity continue to grow, and every time the resolution doubles, the resulting volume of data quadruples.

The Cloud addresses the need for broad-scale analysis and access to large amounts of data; however, the challenge remains how to move the data to the Cloud faster. Pixspan Data software moves data to, from, or within the Cloud at maximum speed, with an easy-to-use interface that replaces the need for specialized IT resources. Pixspan Data also lessens the infrastructure requirements for on-site storage and reduces the cost of Cloud Storage for full resolution images, which makes Cloud workflows a more cost-effective option. Pixspan Data’s unique Bit Exact Round TripTM lossless compression is the most effective way to meet the increasing needs for storage and transfer of full resolution images where 100% fidelity of the data must be maintained.

Moving large amounts of data around public and private networks is challenging and expensive, especially with full resolution, multi-gigabyte images. Succeeding in the new space race requires winning the data race. Winning means mastering the challenge of handling and delivering the higher density of data from satellites quickly, efficiently, and effectively to users anywhere. Pixspan Data solves these data challenges by accelerating the movement of data to, from and across the Cloud, reducing the burden of storage, and facilitating distribution to end-users simply and inexpensively with its PixMover and CloudMover products.

Pixspan Data is Working with Select Leaders in Global Satellite Imaging

Maxar captures one million square kilometers of images each day. Applying Pixspan Data’s data acceleration and Bit Exact Round Trip™ technology, data of their 15-centimeter images was reduced by 62% and speeds over the network 3X faster. A leading satellite commercial player was able to realize a 74% reduction in the size of their SAR image data.

Optical Image Savings with Pixspan Capella Image Savings with Pixspan

Customers recognize data savings in transfer time, network and egress costs, in addition to storage savings of 50-80%

A More Effective Way to Store and Distribute Satellite and Surveillance Imaging

PixMover™ and CloudMover™ software is now available for the Satellite and Surveillance industry, with its patented Bit Exact Round Trip Compression™ lossless compression technology. This technology is currently in use in the Media and Entertainment industry, making transfers 2X to 3X faster with 50% to 70% savings on storage, while preserving data fidelity with 100% bit-for-bit accuracy. Now Pixspan Data has extended these same technologies and valuable benefits to the satellite and surveillance, medical imaging and other data and image intensive sectors.

PixMover and CloudMover provide the fastest available data acceleration and the easiest solutions for transferring large data files to, from, and within the Cloud, globally, securely, and on demand. Pixspan Data is partnered with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Wasabi – making it easy to load and move data on-site, to portable cloud storage devices (like AWS Snowball), and direct to multiple cloud locations – from a single intuitive interface.

Bit Exact Round Trip Compression

Compress and rehydrate full resolution images of all kinds – bit for bit – with superior data reduction algorithms that don’t involve the use of DCT or wavelets, which can consume large processing resources. Bit Exact Round Trip Compression supports multi-spectral formats of GeoTIFF and works on the largest images that are being produced by today’s surveillance technologies.

Accelerated Data – from Satellite to Ground to Cloud to End User

Pixspan Data’s technology can be applied at each leg of the journey, to get imaging data to the end user as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Typically, this data needs to be stored for later sampling and analysis. And maintaining the fidelity of this data is increasingly important for many applications across industry sectors, including medical, precision industrials, government and military. Digital images must also be instantly accessible to a distributed network of human and computer analysts, and organizations are increasingly using Cloud storage as a distribution point.

Satellite Accelerated Data

Imaging Data Flow Use Cases

  • Satellite-to-Ground to Cloud
  • Ground-to-Cloud
  • Drone-to-Cloud
  • Cloud-to-Cloud
  • Edge Device Loader
  • Cloud-to-End User: Satellite Analysis and Archiving

Satellite-to-Ground to Cloud

To access actionable data faster, more data needs to be transferred from satellites to ground stations during the limited transfer window, and the more efficient way to do that is to make the data smaller. Applying lossless compression to imaging data before it is relayed to a ground station dramatically increases the volume of data that can be collected and distributed to end users in a short time frame.

Satellite to Ground


For uploading data from ground stations to the Cloud, PixMover can be licensed directly or packaged as a ground station appliance. With lossless Bit Exact Round Trip Compression, you can push up to 3X the data across your available bandwidth, resulting in much faster and more economical movement of data to the Cloud.

Speed is important, but so is ease-of-use. With Pixspan Data’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and the ability to connect to multiple clouds and locations from a single pane of glass, interacting with CLI can now be avoided.

Uploads and downloads with PixMover are 27%-68% faster than alternatives, increasing overall capacity of the network. PixMover is onsite software. Available TLS 1.2 encryption.

Ground to Cloud Chart


Large drones can fly for 5-7 hours and land with 10TB of data. It then takes many hours to load data from the Drones to a portable data center in-theater for AI processing, which ultimately results in actionable data. Then the raw data is loaded onto Snowballs or similar appliances for the slow trip back to the Cloud.

To shorten the time it takes to get the data from collection to processing to end user, Pixspan Data technology can be used to load the Drone drives faster, then load 2-3X faster onto one or more Snowballs or similar appliances, or upload directly to AWS or Azure over existing bandwidth. The latter is often limited which is another reason the size of data files and speed matter. Pixspan Data makes mission data available in the Cloud more quickly for AI and human analysts.

Drone to Cloud Diagram


CloudMover moves any type of data from one S3 bucket to another anywhere in the world. CloudMover is accessed through the AWS Marketplace and leverages the AWS infrastructure, without the need for user hardware or network.

CloudMover works through an intuitive interface and operates at a choice of three speeds – 3TB, 9TB, and 30TB per hour. Pixspan Data’s Bit Exact Round TripTM lossless compression can provide 2X to 5X speeds and storage savings for covered full resolution and camera raw files.

Cloud to Cloud Transfers

Cloud to Cloud Transfer Chart

Edge Device Loader

Enterprises and government agencies face difficult choices in migrating large volumes of data to the Cloud. No matter what data migration method used – IT staff share a common refrain: “Cloud migrations are slower, costly, more complex, and need more specialized IT talent dedicated to the data migration project than anticipated.”

As a case in point, while a Snowball can hold up to 80 Terabytes of data, migrating data to and from a Snowball is often complex and slow.

PixMover can load AWS Snowball Edge 2X-5X faster, shortening the loading of each Snowball by days. With an intuitive interface that eliminates the need for CLI, getting data on and off-device is not only fast, it’s also easy for technical staff, saving precious specialized IT resources.

Satellite Accelerated Data

Snowball Loader Chart

Cloud-to-End User: Satellite Analysis and Archiving

With satellite analysis, there are often large areas of the map that are not frequently visited. The images associated with these areas can be stored compressed, and then just-in-time delivered in full resolution when they are requested. Pixspan Data reduces Cloud storage costs, which makes archiving in the Cloud a very cost-effective option.

Satellite Accelerated Data

Handling of Satellite and Surveillance Imaging Data Made Fast and Easy

When making life and death decisions, every bit of data matters. The same can be said when full fidelity of images must be preserved. With Pixspan Data’s faster data acceleration, losslessly compressed file sizes are smaller and data throughput is increased, enabling end users to more productively work with more timely actionable data without loss.

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