As enterprises and the public sector are moving their workloads to the cloud, they often encounter problems in moving data within the cloud. Whether they are transferring data among their operations nationally or internationally, or delivering data to their customers, organizations want to transfer it as easily and quickly as possible. Unfortunately, they find transfers are slow and difficult to accomplish without skilled IT staff. CloudMover solves these challenges quickly and easily with an intuitive GUI and by accelerating transfers of data securely within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud by 3 to 30 times.

Whether your objective is to free up more time during the day, implement geo-redundant storage strategies, support follow-the-sun creative workflows, or deliver data in the cloud quickly for AI processing, CloudMover is the fastest, easiest, and most economical on demand solution to help you achieve your goals.

CloudMover incorporates Pixspan Data’s intelligent file handling technology to optimize the cost and speed of the Cloud for your application. Transfers for every file type and size are supported across all AWS Regions, including the GovCloud regions, and between GovCloud and Commercial regions. This enables commercial and government agencies to move data and applications to regions with lower latency and to comply with security requirements.

Availability and Pricing

The CloudMover product is available in two configurations, both installed from the AWS Marketplace:

  • CloudMover – On-demand, by-the-hour AWS Marketplace product that incurs Pixspan Data charges while transfers are being performed. This product is targeted at users with sparse or ad hoc usage patterns.
  • CloudMover BYOL – Fixed price license model that incurs no Pixspan Data AMI charges while running (each component of CloudMover BYOL is in the Marketplace at $0.00/hr), but requires a license from Pixspan. Users must contact Pixspan at [email protected] to obtain a license. This product is very cost-effective for users that have regular and perpetual transfer requirements. Licenses can be purchased in durations of 1, 3, 12, 36, and 60 months.

Both of these models are offered with three speeds, and the pricing is commensurate with the level of speed. The Pixspan pricing correlates to the following approximated per-GB levels based on usage (CloudMover) or expected usage (CloudMover BYOL):

  • Express – $0.016/GB
  • Plus – $0.033/GB
  • Ultra – $0.067/GB

Note that this pricing is independent from Amazon’s EC2, inter-region, and S3 charges, which vary between GovCloud and Commercial regions.

Unprecedented Speed and Performance

As deadlines approach, you can rely on CloudMover to allow you that extra time needed to complete the job. Cloud transfer speeds can now be measured in seconds and minutes, not hours and days.

Don’t Believe It? Neither Did Amazon, Until They Saw CloudMover in Action

Experience the Speed and Convenience of CloudMover for Yourself

Sign up to test drive the CloudMover GUI and see how easy it is to copy/move 1TB across regions at Ultra (30x) speed!

Intuitive User Interface

CloudMover puts complex operations at your fingertips with easy and intuitive controls. AWS S3 buckets can be configured in an instant, requiring just a few fields to be entered.

Copying from one S3 bucket to another is as simple as dragging and dropping folders within the file tree panes. In just minutes you can start a transfer job and then verify the successful transfer across S3s.

Full Resolution Image Acceleration

Not only does CloudMover accelerate data transfers between AWS S3 buckets by 3 to 30 times or more, but with the addition of Pixspan Data’s Bit Exact Round Trip™ Acceleration, CloudMover multiplies these transfer speeds by an additional 2X to 5X for full resolution image formats including: Satellite images TIFF and GeoTIFF; Media images OpenEXR, DPX, Cineon, PPM, SGI, and various Camera Raw formats; and Medical images DICOM, EXR, and TIFF. This enables any enterprise working with full resolution image files to realize lossless bit exact transfers at speeds never imagined before.

Markets and Use Cases

Satellite: CloudMover can move satellite data from one region to another ultra-fast and easily, between commercial S3 accounts anywhere as well as to and from GovCloud. This enables the aggregation of imaging data for artificial intelligence analysis and the rapidly delivery of satellite data to another company or government entity.

Media and Entertainment: CloudMover is a vital component for the migration of Media and Entertainment workflows to the Cloud. Pixspan Data enables moving high-resolution video and images in the cloud, rapidly across the globe:

  • Allowing you to take advantage of the Cloud’s elastic storage model, moving the storage where you need it as quickly as possible

  • Scaling to Petabytes as needed

One prominent content producer needed to deliver tens of Terabytes of masters with a season’s worth of made-for-TV episodes to a cloud-based studio. The problem was that half was in cloud storage on the East Coast, half on the West Coast. With CloudMover, the content producer was able to transfer the files cross-country rapidly and deliver the multi-million-dollar package in two hours, versus over a day with current methods.

Government: The government is increasingly using the Cloud to aggregate data, including video and images, for storage and analysis. In many cases, this data is being used to support our warfighters and intelligence analysts. CloudMover can deliver these files to where they are needed in the cloud 10 times faster than otherwise available, enabling data to be presented within minutes rather than hours for highly time-sensitive decisions.

Systems Integrators: Serving Government and Commercial clients, Systems Integrators can now offer Pixspan’s CloudMover data transfer as a service. Pixspan technicians move large data sets and monitor data transfers anywhere in the world for you, meeting your needs: your timetable, your security, your private location(s). Your data traverses the secure AWS network, out of the reach of the Internet. No need to engage in the cloud transfer process — Pixspan is there for you for one time or episodic large data migration or ongoing transfer needs in the cloud.

Data Back Up: Organizations are moving their Data Back Up to the cloud for; the security of geographic diversity, the flexibility and affordability of unlimited storage, and ongoing access to their data. Even more vital than backing up data is the ability to rapidly recover your data to its original location. Using CloudMover you could restore 80 Terabytes of files in one day, versus about three weeks with existing standard cloud transfer methods, making restoration impractical.

How CloudMover Works

The following diagram illustrates how CloudMover performs a copy between S3 buckets in two different regions, us-east and us-west. CloudMover supports any file type and size (within AWS S3 limits).

How CloudMover with Bit Exact Round Trip™ Acceleration Works

Pixspan Data’s intelligent file handling allows certain files to benefit from even faster speeds with Bit Exact Round Trip™ Acceleration. These include the largest full-resolution files, such as DPX, TIFF, EXR, PPM, ARRI, and DICOM, among others. Pixspan Data reduces these files in size for 50% to 80% savings in speed and storage (in their smaller PXZ format as shown in the diagrams), then returns them to their perfect bit-for-bit original files when desired.

If You Like Our View from the Cloud

Please check out Pixspan Data’s on premise software. PixMover on-premise gets your data to the Cloud faster than the most popular WAN optimization solutions PLUS offers significant savings. Not only is PixMover on-premise always less expensive (for transferring volumes of data > 1 Terabyte/mo) but it provides unlimited – all you can send – pricing vs. per GB. In addition, PixMover lowers the cost of your storage by 50%-80%, providing you significant flexibility and savings. Learn more at the PixMover page.