The Pixspan Data Story

What We Do

Pixspan Data provides the fastest data acceleration for moving large forms of data of any type and size to, from, and within the Cloud as well as offers unique On-Premises data solutions for full-resolution video and images. Pixspan Data’s software products accelerate and enhance Cloud and On-Premises Workflows, offering unprecedented savings in time, storage and infrastructure costs.

  • Pixspan Data PixMover™ uploads any type of file to and from Azure Blob, AWS S3, and Wasabi quickly and easily. PixMover also accelerates the movement of data among local file systems, including private clouds.
  • Pixspan Data CloudMover moves any type of file, from any size (from gigabytes to terabytes to petabytes), from any AWS S3 bucket to another S3 bucket, anywhere in the world in minutes to hours instead of days.
  • CloudMover enables workflows that were not previously possible in the cloud: rapid disaster recovery, massive migrations, quick data delivery, near-real-time cloud collaboration, and follow-the-sun workflows. Getting data into the cloud is a major focus now, but as enterprises move more workflows to the Cloud, faster speeds and native application support in the Cloud will be increasingly important. Through its innovative use of massive parallel processing, CloudMover is available with the choice of three unprecedented acceleration speeds, so users can choose not only how fast their data moves, but also control when it is transferred. This includes true follow-the-sun workflows with thte transfer of terabytes of project files between Cloud regions within minutes.
  • Pixspan Data’s roots began in the media industry, where higher image resolutions have driven explosive growth in the number and size of image and video data files. Pixspan Data’s PixMover offers the only truly mathematically lossless, 100% bit exact compression software product for encoding and decoding full resolution images, saving typically 50-80% of storage and networking resources.
  • While CloudMover supports high speed Cloud acceleration of data files for any industry, any data format of any size, PixMover moves all data to and from the cloud while addressing the unique needs of copying, collaborating on and transferring high fidelity image and video files.
  • One use case demonstrating the benefit of Pixspan Data’s innovative portfolio of On-Premises and Cloud products in combination with Azure and AWS capabilities is in the media industry’s post production environment. Here, Pixspan Data is enabling the media industry to take advantage of the Cloud for on-demand storage and data delivery, at speeds faster than their existing infrastructure allows.

Who We Are

  • Pixspan Data is a leading software company that provides the fastest data acceleration for moving large forms of data to, from and within the cloud. Larger data sizes are driving data growth, challenging today’s equipment and bandwidth. The cloud offers scalable storage and computing capacity on demand, yet moving data in the cloud can be cumbersome and slow. Pixspan Data’s CloudMover addresses the needs of any company needing to move any format or size data from one S3 bucket to another, anywhere in the world.
  • At the same time, the need to store and transfer video and high-resolution images is exploding across many industries, not just the media and entertainment, satellite surveillance and medical imaging sectors. Pixspan Data’s revolutionary bit exact technology allows clients to store and transfer these files in the fastest, most effective and efficient manner saving 50-80% on storage, infrastructure and transmission costs as well as saving employees significant time throughout their workflows internally and in collaboration with their partners.
  • Pixspan Data software products offer quick and easy solutions to some of the biggest challenges with the Cloud.

    Why It Matters

    • Increasingly, more business applications, operations, and workflows are moving to the Cloud. It makes sense to have data and applications centrally accessible, scalable and on demand. While the Cloud works well for small data files, larger data sets create challenges. The data is not always in the right place and moving it to where it is needed, when it is needed, takes more time and expense than ever anticipated…especially for larger data sets.
    • When it comes to moving large data files in the cloud, there are few choices. The existing tools are complex and work at a set speed which is often too slow.
    • CloudMover solves this problem by offering unprecedented high speeds, providing customers the ability to choose the speeds they want, and when they want, allthrough an incredibly intuitive graphic interface that requires no training. The user has ready access to an easy-to-use application that runs on AWS Marketplace with three choices of transfer speeds, on demand. And, there are no fixed contracts – customers can use CloudMover one time, occasionally, or continually on demand to meet any of their large data transfer needs.
    • And, for video and high resolution image files in particular, PixMover is Pixspan Data’s on-premises software that uploads and downloads data files to Azure Blob, AWS S3, AWS Snowball, and private clouds. For clients who have large images and video files, PixMover offers lossless compression, providing even greater speed, lowering the cost of storage by 50-80%, and providing significant flexibility and savings. PixMover has the same easy-to-use graphic interface as CloudMover, and it is available on a subscription basis. Not only is PixMover on-premises always less expensive (for transferring volumes of data > 1 Terabyte/mo) but it provides unlimited – all you can send – pricing vs. per GB.