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Pixspan Data’s VDrive application is an innovative solution for achieving high performance media workflows without having to rely on very expensive and difficult to manage file systems and networks. VDrive presents applications with a virtual full-sized view of the files on the file system, while the underlying storage contains mathematically lossless compressed files that are 50-80% smaller. This means that 4K and 6K workflows can easily be operated with common NAS storage and 10 Gbps network infrastructures (ask us about our support for 8K workflows). VDrive can be utilized in a stand-alone configuration for smaller environments, or it can be combined with other Pixspan Data products to support larger media workflows as shown in the following diagram:

VDrive runs as a user space service on each user’s workstation, performing real-time mathematically lossless compression (writes) and decompression (reads) with the underlying storage. VDrive presents applications with an alternate folder path (mount point) to access the content, but this is the only change required in the user’s workflow.

VDrive supports workflows in Media and Entertainment based on the following industry standard digital intermediate and camera raw image formats:

  • DPX
  • Cineon
  • OpenEXR
  • TIFF
  • SGI
  • PPM
  • ARRIRaw
  • Panasonic Varicam Raw
  • Canon c500 Raw
VDrive handles all other file types transparently.
VDrive is available on both Linux and Mac OSX operating systems, and it works with virtually all workstation or server-based applications.