Digital Intermediates are at the heart of today’s full-resolution workflows. They are large in size, from 12 Megabytes per frame for 2K to 90 Megabytes per frame for 6K in DPX or EXR. Whether generated on-set or in post-production, Digital Intermediates can consume hundreds of terabytes or even more than a petabyte of storage. How can you move and store these large data files without losing fidelity?

  • Pixspan Data operates seamlessly with WAN accelerator software, creating a pipeline that sends images file-by-file from on-set to post or from post to partners, such as visual effects, 60% to 80% faster. The combination of WAN accelerator and Pixspan Data multiplies the nominal speed of the circuit, such as 2-5 gigabits over a 1 gigabit line
  • Either on-set or in post, Pixspan Data can store Digital Intermediates 60-80% smaller. Using the same storage and off-the shelf servers, video files can be stored and retrieved bit-exact at data center speeds, hundreds of Megabytes per second.