Q. What is Pixspan Data?

Pixspan Data provides the fastest way to move data of any type and size on premise and to, from, and within the Cloud, as well as offers unique solutions for full-resolution video and images. Pixspan Data’s software products accelerate and enhance Cloud uploads to AWS, Azure, and Wasabi as well as On-Premise Workflows, offering unprecedented savings in time, storage, and infrastructure costs.

Pixspan Data’s CloudMover™ addresses the needs of any company for moving large volumes of data (terabytes to petabytes) in any format from one S3 bucket to another, anywhere in the world – on demand. Pixspan Data’s PixMover™ moves data to and from the Cloud while saving significant time throughout the workflow, supporting greater collaboration, enabling on time delivery, and enhancing worker productivity. PixMover’s™ revolutionary Bit Exact Round Trip™ technology allows clients to store and transfer full resolution and images and video, saving 50-80% on storage, infrastructure, and transmission costs.

Q. What problem does Pixspan Data solve?

File sizes and data volumes are growing at an increasing rate. Whether driven by cloud analytics, IoT, AI, VR/AR, 4K-8K, faster frame rates, new cloud services, or similar marketplace and technological trends, companies are dealing with ever larger data sets. Pixspan Data’s CloudMover™ and PixMover™ software products optimize how users store, collaborate on, transfer, and manage their data. Pixpsan’s cloud products are not only the fastest, but are the most competitively priced solutions in the market.Pixspan Data PixMover uploads any type of file to and from Azure Blob, AWS S3, and Wasabi quickly and easily.


PixMover also accelerates the movement of data among local file systems, including private clouds.

CloudMover™ is 3x to 30x faster than any commercially available solution (and 500-2000x faster than AWS tools/own data acceleration service) for moving large volumes of any format of data in the Cloud, from any AWS S3 storage bucket in any region to another. PixMover™, in combination with VDrive, is the only system solution that supports full resolution 4K-8K workflows on premise at real-time speeds on workstations that previously only supported 2K. PixMover™ also optimizes server and network capacity, saving 2-5x on storage and bandwidth.

Q. Why speed matters. What does rapid access to critical or time sensitive data allow?

  • Allows real time access to large file-based workflows by assembling data rapidly from wherever it may be — supporting faster and more inclusive collaboration and follow the sun workflows. Now work can be done around the globe, optimizing for quality and specialized talent, lowering labor costs, and reducing or eliminating wait times.
  • Enables fast and reliable data deliveries internally or with global trading partners, of virtually any size files, within hours. Shorter time frames mean greater worker productivity, higher partner/customer satisfaction, and more time spent on the work, not transporting it.
  • Scales the network by linking cloud buckets on demand, without incremental capital investment, long-term contracts or long lead times for provisioning, and provides greater enterprise wide flexibility, lower costs, and efficiency.
  • CloudMover’s ultra-high speeds make geo-redundant storage and simple backup and restore on demand — in place of costlier ongoing secondary and tertiary data center back up locations.
  • Is the fastest way to transfer high resolution images, and with Pixspan Data Bit Exact Round Trip™ compression, 100% assurance and validation that every bit is delivered, while saving 50-80% on storage and networking costs.

Q. How secure is your data when using Pixspan Data products?

Files sent or received with CloudMover™ over the AWS backbone from S3 to S3 are encrypted with TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security) using the AWS S3 API. Whether files transit over the AWS backbone or traverse over the Internet, TLS encryption is in place.

Pixspan Data also supports encryption at rest for on-prem to S3 and within S3 (within the AWS Cloud). Note that this is an AWS-specific feature, and won’t apply to content at rest in non-S3 storage. The encryption used is AES-256 and the key management is 100% handled by AWS. Additional security protocols may be added at the customer’s choice.

Q. How does CloudMover™ work?

CloudMover™ uses intelligent file handing and massive parallelization of transfers of files from one S3 storage bucket to another. It presents an intuitive user interface for drag-and-drop functionality, initiating cloud computing instances on demand as needed for each transfer. CloudMover™ is available through the AWS Marketplace or from Pixspan Data directly. The user can choose from among three speeds, each of which accesses the appropriate number of software and compute instances.

Q. How fast is CloudMover™?

Once your data is in the Cloud, CloudMover™ is the fastest way to copy or move it between S3 storage buckets. CloudMover™ allows you to copy or move content between S3 buckets at speeds from 800 MB/sec to 10,000 MB/sec, depending on the source and destination locations and the speed option you choose. This performance compares to the fastest players in the market today which reach at most 250 MB/sec.

Compare CloudMover™ to Amazon’s own data acceleration products in the video at the following link:

With CloudMover™, a transfer job with 1 TByte of files takes an average of 2 minutes at Ultra speed to transfer from US East to US West (500x faster than AWS) and a transfer job with 30 TBytes of files takes 57 minutes (vs 17 days for AWS).

Q. How is CloudMover™ priced?

CloudMover™ pricing is based on the speed you choose. Additional AWS charges apply and are impacted by the region(s) involved and size of files. CloudMover™ pricing is based on AWS EC2 per hour per instance pricing. Available in three speeds, each requiring multiple software instances:

  • Express requires 4 instances ~ 3TB/hr at approx 1.6¢ / GB, totaling $48 per hour;
  • Plus requires 12 instances, ~ 9TB/hr, at approx. 3.3¢/GB totaling $299 per hour;
  • Ultra requires 40 instances, ~30TB/hr, at approx. 6.7¢/GB totaling $1,998 per hour.

Q: What is the CloudMover™ Sandbox and how can I access it?

The CloudMover™ sandbox is a no-obligation way to test drive CloudMover™ and experience how easy it is to create dramatically faster cloud file transfers. Sign up here and immediately receive your log in credentials to the sandbox. You will be able to move data between regions and try it for yourself. Once in the Dashboard, click “Getting Started” on the top right for a quick walkthrough.

Q: How do I order CloudMover™?

CloudMover™ is available for early access through a private AMI on AWS Marketplace. Anyone can order now by submitting your AWS Account ID to Pixspan which we provide to AWS in order to get you access Pixspan Data’s private listing (one-time requirement only) on AWS Marketplace. Simply click here or or contact Pixspan Data by email at [email protected].

Soon, you will be able to directly order CloudMover™ from AWS Marketplace by simply logging into your AWS management console and searching for and subscribing to CloudMover™. You can always order any Pixspan Data product by contacting Pixspan Data directly at [email protected]. Experience transfer speeds faster than any other commercial solution!

Q: How difficult is CloudMover™ to deploy?

The CloudMover™ setup procedure is similar to the procedure to launch any AMI. The procedure utilizes AWS CloudFormation to walk the user through all the installation steps. Once you set up the permissions for EC2 and your S3 buckets, the only component of CloudMover™ that is installed by the user is the CloudMover™ Server, and Pixspan Data handles the rest.

Pixspan Data is providing FREE onboarding tech support. Please take advantage of this to ensure you learn what we have from customers who have already installed the service. Even a seasoned IT expert will benefit from a quick conversation with Pixspan Data engineering and better ensure no accidental AWS charges.

Installation of CloudMover™ should take approx. 30 minutes, assuming that the installer has excellent knowledge of AWS facilities and their S3 configuration. It can take longer if a client is brand new to setting up S3 and EC2 configurations. In all cases it is imperative to follow the deployment directions, whether a seasoned user or new to AWS S3 in order to ensure proper set up and reduce the risk of any additional/unnecessary and unknowing AWS charges.

Q: Tell me more about the CloudMover™ Early Access Promotion – what’s included and how does it work?

Free Onboarding Support. Please read the Deployment Guide first. Then reach out to Pixspan Data at ([email protected]). When you contact Pixspan Data Support, you will be connected with technical talent who will answer any questions you have as well as help you deploy CloudMover™. Depending on your experience with AWS, your install can be accomplished on your first call. Your support representative can help assess whether you will need additional help or professional services.

$2,000 Refund. Once you provide your information (including your AWS Account ID) and begin operating CloudMover™, you will be eligible for a refund of up to $2,000 for the first month’s use of CloudMover™ on your AWS bill. AWS processes refunds at the end of each month and for proper credit requires your account information. Refunds are usually processed by the 3rd of the month.

Q. How does PixMover™ work?

PixMover™ moves data rapidly among storage volumes on premise and to and from S3 storage in the AWS Cloud, using massive parallelization and other data movement techniques. It is able to move data faster than other methods, up to the limits of bandwidth or input/output constraints.

Q. How fast is PixMover™?

PixMover™ is designed as a scalable software system, whether locally or in AWS, Azure, or Wasabi and is capable of running on compute infrastructure from the smallest laptop to a high-end multi-server configuration. The hardware platform where PixMover™ runs should be chosen/designed to match the throughput requirements for I/O to the storage systems as well as the requirements for compression. For example, if PixMover™ is required for compressing at full speed to a NAS Nearline with a maximum write speed of 500 MBytes/sec (requires compressing at 1,500 MBytes/sec), a workstation or server platform should include dual Xeon Gold 6136s, 64 GB of RAM, and two NVIDIA P6000 (or Titan X) GPUs or a single NVIDIA Titan V.

Q. How is PixMover™ priced?

PixMover™ is priced as a subscription, based on the time duration of the license. License durations are 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.

Q. What hardware and operating system does PixMover™ require?

Pixspan Data software runs on any Intel or AMD processor. PixMover™ runs on Linux, Max OSX, and Windows 10. The Linux and Windows 10 implementations have the capability to utilize GPU acceleration using NVIDIA GPUs.

Q. How does PixMover™ save on bandwidth?

In many environments, the load on local and wide area networks is dominated by the transmission of full resolution image files, and this is where PixMover™ has the maximum benefit. PixMover™ utilizes Bit Exact Round Trip™ compression of these file types to reduce the bandwidth requirements for on-premise data transfers as well as for WAN transfers. PixMover™ shrinks the size of project directories, allowing them to be copied or moved between on-premise file systems or sent over the WAN using bandwidth optimization products such as TIXstream, Signiant, and Aspera. The bandwidth savings are directly proportional to the compression ratio that Pixspan Data compression achives. For example, if the compresison ratio is 3:1, the bandwidth and time savings are two-thirds, or 67%. With PixMover™Bit Exact Round Trip™ compression, these files can always be returned to their bit exact original file contents.

Q. How does PixMover™ move data?

PixMover™ moves files rapidly among file systems on premise as well as to the Cloud. PixMover™ represents AWS S3, Azure Blob, and Wasabi S3 storage as file folders, just as it does for on-premise file folders. As a result, it is easy for users to move between cloud storage buckets and on-premise volumes. Because of PixMover’s massive parallelism, users are able to move large amounts of data easily, up to the bandwidth available or the input/output constraints of the storage systems.

Q. How does VDrive work?

VDrive is workstation software that both decodes Pixspan Data compressed files and presents files to the user as if they were uncompressed. Thus, the user works on compressed files from centralized storage with the same workflow as if they were uncompressed. In the process, the storage volumes are smaller, and the number of simultaneous full-resolution streams can be doubled or tripled, avoiding significant capex expenditures to upgrade storage.

Q. How does Bit Exact Round Trip™ work?

Pixspan Data’s Bit Exact Round Trip™ compression reduces the size of full-resolution images and operates on the raster of each image file, reducing the data that comprises each frame (intraframe). Pixspan Data compresses on a file-by-file basis, and creates a PXZ container for each file. The container contains the original uncompressed metadata, such that the metadata can still be searched or can interact with the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. Pixspan Data uses multi-processing, multi-threading, and optionally GPU acceleration to operate at very high speeds.

Q. What formats do Pixspan Data’s products cover?

Pixspan Data’s CloudMover™ accelerates data movement in the Cloud for all file types and sizes, including Pixspan Data compressible file formats.

Pixspan Data’s PixMover™ accelerates data movement on-premise and into/from the Cloud for all file types and sizes, including Pixspan Data compressible file formats.

Pixspan Data’s VDrive covers all file types and sizes, including Pixspan Data compressible file formats.

Pixspan Data’s Bit Exact Round Trip™ Compression option can be applied in all Pixspan Data products. It covers full resolution image file formats, both digital intermediates and uncompressed camera raw, including: DPX, Cineon, OpenEXR, TIFF, SGI, PPM, ARRIRaw, Canon c500 Raw, and Panasonic Varicam Raw. Pixspan Data Bit Exact Round Trip™ Compression can also be applied to other proprietary raster image formats.

Q. Can Pixspan Data help me quickly and inexpensively get my files up to the Cloud?

Yes, for faster speeds and cost savings versus current WAN optimization software solutions, Pixspan Data’s PixMover™ uploads large amounts of data to any AWS S3, Azure Blob, or Wasabi S3 bucket around the world. All you need is a PC or server to load PixMover™ on and within 30 minutes you can start uploading files over your internet and/or AWS Direct Connect connections to the Cloud. One of the key reasons for the savings is that PixMover™ charges a fixed monthly subscription of $1,000/mo for unlimited transfers, regardless of how often you transfer, how large your transfers are or what file format your content is in. This makes a huge difference when current SaaS network optimization solutions charge $.30-$.95 per gigabyte — possibly thousands per month). Plus, when you use Pixspan Data’s built in Bit-Exact Round Trip™ technology for transferring full resolution content, you save an additional 60% on Cloud storage, transfer and egress charges.

Q. How does Pixspan Data save on storage?

With Bit Exact, full resolution image files are transferred from an uncompressed volume to a compressed volume via a server with PixMover™ or CloudMover™ software. The files are kept in the smaller compressed PXZ containers until they are needed, at which point the process is reversed, reconstituting the files bit-exact. One use case is a compress-in-place function, whereby a project can remain at its location, but take up less space in its compressed state.

Q. What is the difference between JPEG and Bit Exact Round Trip™?

JPEG 2000 Lossless is a variant of JPEG compression family that is mathematically lossless. It was created over 15 years ago, and is based on Discreet Cosine Transforms (DCT). It generally compresses cinematic images 1.5:1 to 2:1. Pixspan Data is newer technology that yields compression ratios about 50% better than JPEG. Pixspan Data’s algorithms are not based on DCT and run 2 to 6 times faster than JPEG. As a result, Pixspan Data’s software runs at data center speeds (approximately 3 gigabit) on off-the shelf servers that cost about $8,500, capable of processing about 1 terabyte per hour or about 1 petabyte per month. Finally, Pixspan Data is commercially supported.

Q. What is the difference between Zip and PixMover™ Bit Exact Round Trip™?

Zip is an archive format for single files or collections of files and also includes various forms of mathematically lossless compression. The compression algorithms within Zip are intended to be used for highly compressible content, like text files, and is not effective at compressing image formats. Pixspan Data compression has specifically been targeted to provide best-in-class speed and compression ratio performance for full-resolution image formats, include Digital Intermediate files and camera raw.