Pixspan Data provides its new Bit Exact Round Trip software for image encoding and decoding, saving typically 50-80% of storage and networking resources for the Applications in the Autodesk Creative Finishing Suite. This applies to the following Flame Family products:

  • Flame

  • Flame Assist

  • Flare

  • Lustre

Pixspan Data is fully integrated into the Flame Family Software, and no additional software or hardware is required to use Pixspan Data’s .pxz encoded file format.

Flame Family applications have the ability to read .pxz files built in to the software. Licensing is only required to encode frames into the .pxz format, and this functionality can be found in Flame’s Export and Publish functions.

Pixspan Data encoding and decoding supports the following file formats within Flame Family products:

  • DPX
  • Cineon
  • OpenEXR
  • TIFF
  • ARRIRaw

Floating and Node-Locked Licenses

A floating license structure is available so that Flame Family products can share the same License Pool. Node-Locked Licenses are also available, and this licensing structure presents a more economical solution for installations with a small number of Flame Product Stations (e.g. one or two). Pixspan Data licenses (both floating and Node-Locked) are available for purchase with 30 day, 90 day, and 360 day durations.

Performance and Processor Requirements

Pixspan Data’s Licensing enables scaling to the computing performance of the hardware platform based on its Virtual Processor Core count (execution threads). A HP Z840 Server with dual E5-2687W V3 processors will allow for the Exporting/Publishing of up to 20 fps for 2K images, and up to 10 fps on 4K images. A less powerful hardware platform will scale down proportionately based on the available computing resources.

Sales and Support

Sales and support are available from Authorized Resellers. Contact your Flame Reseller for details.